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Workers Wanted! Get These Jobs Now!

SCHOLARSHIPS FOR SKILLED TRADES & PUBLIC SAFETY STUDENTS: The slow-down in the economy hasn’t done much to improve the availability of workers in the skilled trades.


Even with more people looking for work, not enough have the skills needed to fill the many open opportunities. To help fill the skills-gap, some organizations are offering scholarships to individuals getting the training necessary to work in the skilled trades.

One well-know organization with a little-known program to provide scholarships to Community Colleges is Grainger. With just a few requirements to be eligible, this is a great program that works with the American Association of Community Colleges (AACC) across 48 states!

Overview of eligible programs: 

  • Be enrolled in a Skilled Trades program, including electronic systems, heating/air conditioning, plumbing, welding, automotive, construction, facilities maintenance or industrial trades or a Public Safety program, including first responder, law enforcement (city, county, state), prison guard, firefighter, fire safety, emergency medical technician, emergency management or disaster preparedness

Find out more about the program here >>

HOW TO: Marine Apps + Cast Nylon

Would you like to stop replacing bearings?  Would you like to reduce maintenance costs? Of course you do! And, here’s some tips on how to get it done using Nylon in Marine applications, including how to machine nylon bearings.

Certain applications are great fits for Cast Nylon (Round Rod & Plate). Here’s the top 10!

  1. Rudder shaft bushings & bearings
  2. Deck winch & capstan bearings
  3. Cable sheaves
  4. Wear pads
  5. Wear plates
  6. Door hinges
  7. Tube bearings
  8. Winch bearings
  9. Rollers
  10. Replace Brass, Bronze, Steel, Cast Iron and Aluminum

Looking to machine Nylon Bearings. Here’s a quick guide to successful production (click image to enlarge):

press fit for machining nylon bearings

*Design note: Nylon will expand due to moisture absorption at a rate of .15 to .20% per 1% absorbed moisture up to 6.5% if completely submerged in water.  This will not be a problem if you design your parts to accommodate some relative expansion in the ID.  If you properly design the part with this in mind it will work very well in a wet environment.

Try Nylatron GSM in ROD or PLATE from stock.  Tubes are also available to meet your requirements…email shawn(dot)lynam(at)onlinemetals(dot)com for price and delivery options on your specific size requirement.

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Still wondering how Nylon Bearings can help you save resources? Here’s the top 10 benefits of replacing your metal bearings with plastic:


Metal’s Most Popular Pins

You may have noticed that we’re a little social over here at OLM. Maybe in a lurker, “wow-look-at-how-cool-your-are, jealous of your metal-smith talent“, kind of way. But, we really do dig the conversation. We also think it’s fantastic when YOU get in the chat room with us, so to speak, and share what you like with your community.

In honor of YOU and all that you love about us, here’s a lurker’s inside view of what’s popular at OnlineMetals.com according to Pinterest…  Mark your trend boards now!  Here’s the OLM Top 6 Pins, as of October, 23, 2014!!

1. Stainless Tile


2. Stainless Annealed Sheet (Wall Protection Behind Stove)


3. DIY: Perforated Sheet, Upcycled Light










4. Deep Sea Anglerfish Lamp


5. Wood Table with Brass Inlay


6. Cold Roll Steel Headless Horseman

Steel Headless Horseman

A-366 / 1008 Cold Roll Steel Sheet

Keep the conversation and Pins coming!  We’re watching every click;)

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EVENTS: Metal Jewelry Rings | Orlando, FL

If you’re in the Orlando area and interested in learning how to work with metal, check-out these classes from FDJTOOL.COM. There are many classes to choose from, including two upcoming sessions focused on ring making. One utilizing rivets and another utilizing soldering, so no matter your skill level there’s something anyone can try!


WHAT: Class – Riveted Rings

WHEN: November 6, 2014, 5:30- 8:30 pm

WHY: Beginners — Learn how to work with metal and found objects using “cold” connections. No soldering required to learn how to texture, stamp, shape and form metal rings.

COST: $58.00 Register online & get more info here >>


stacked sterling silver ring

WHAT: Class – Stacked Rings: Soldering for Beginners

WHEN: November 13, 2014, 5:30- 8:30 pm

WHY: Beginners — Learn how to solder using round wire to make unique stacked rings. (Class is limited to 5 students!)

COST: $67.00 Register online & get more info here >>

DIY: Modern Work Bench

Who says a simple workbench can’t also be a stylish centerpiece?  In fact, if you follow this inspiring design from an OnlineMetals customer you may be tempted to find a home for this furniture piece in a more public space, rather than the shop!


Built on a base of Hot Rolled Mild Steel A500, the workbench surface is constructed of laminated 2″ x 2″ wood boards. Although, the surface could also be made of an old door, or any reclaimed materials available.

By painting the steel in a modern designer tone, the clean lined frame instantly acquires an air of modern style! Choose any color that would contrast with your shop environment, rather than blending in, and voila…you’ve got a show piece!


How to get this look:

MATERIALS: 1.5″ x .187″ Hot Rolled Mild Steel A500 Square Tubing (To figure out how much length to purchase, follow the steps below and add up the lengths of legs and supports needed for your design.)

  1. Measure the width, height and depth of the space you are looking to fill.
  2. Cut 4 legs to the height
  3. Cut 2 cross supports to the depth
  4. Cut 3 horizontal supports  to the width (2 for top, 1 for center strut)
  5. Cut 2 vertical supports at 25% of the leg height
  6. Cut 4 “diagonal” vertical supports to connect the shorter vertical supports to the legs
  7. Weld your right and left “sides” then weld/connect with horizontal supports
  8. Paint the frame
  9. Table top can be attached by drilling through top horizontal supports and directly into bottom of surface with wood screws
  10. Send us a picture of your final piece! We’d love to share.

Would you like to learn more about Mild Steel?  Check-out the OnlineMetals Guide to Steel here >>

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