New Aero-s-p-a-c-e Materials

Looking for something that is lightweight, keeps out the rain and is wind resistant?  Well, if you’re looking for a shoe, we can’t help.  But if you’re an aerospace engineer, listen up!










We’ve just added 7075-T6 Clad Aluminum Sheet to complement our other aluminum aerospace sheet offerings!

How’s it made? In the 7075 aluminum cladding process, a thin layer of pure aluminum is applied to the sheet. Pure aluminum offers premium corrosion resistance compared to aluminum alloys, while leveraging the strength of the sheet.

Sheet sizes available range from .032″ to .125″. Pieces can be as small as 12″ x 12″ or up to 36″ x 48″. This product is also available for custom cuts!

Shop 7075 Clad Aluminum Now >>

New Orlando Will-Call Now Open

If you’re in the neighborhood, don’t pay for shipping!  Our newest Will-Call facility has just opened in Orlando, FL, offering free pick-up service to customers in the area.

onlinemetals will call orlando

All in-stock items are available for pick-up of orders placed in advanced through the web site.

The pick-up entrance is located at the rear of the building.  Please note that there is no customer entry through the front of the building, by way of the ThyssenKrupp Copper and Brass Sales offices.


OnlineMetals Orlando Will Call Address

2487 Tradeport Drive, Suite 100

Orlando, FL 32824

(800) 704-2157

Driving Directions

onlinemetals orlando, florida, will call

Will Call entrance is located at the rear of the building



Orlando, FL OlineMetals will call

Front of building – no customer entry at this door- please continue to rear of building for Will-Call entrance.

Copper In The Garden

With a patina that evolves from bright showy orange, to a deep mature green, copper is an elemental material that evolves with your landscape over a lifetime. So, if you are headed outdoors with the warmer weather, you should take some metal with you!

Copper Sheet on Garden Shed Roof

Copper Sheet on Garden Shed Roof

Many metals actually show their true spirit at its best when installed out in the elements. From restoring garden shed and gazebo roofs, to fences or gates, to ornaments, copper is an easy-to-use material that is also durable and beautiful.

If you’re ready to get out and add some life to your garden, try these quick and easy copper projects.

1- Build and arbor out of copper tube.

copper tube arbor

This copper tube arbor will age beautifully over time, complementing any lush foliage.


2- Construct raised beds out of copper sheet.

Copper sheet raised beds

Copper sheet raised beds














3- Make plant name tags with thin copper sheet or copper tape.

copper sheet plant name tags

copper sheet plant name tags


4- Refinish a gazebo roof with copper sheet.

Copper sheet roofing

Copper sheet roofing on gazebo










Wherever your copper projects take you, we’d love to get a picture of the finished product. Send along your photos to sales(at)onlinmetals(dot)com.

How To: DIY Industrial Desk

An inexpensive way to craft your own masterpiece! With the basic construction pieces, this desk can be embellished to fit any decor.

DIY industrial desk project with aluminum legs

Hand-Crafted Industrial Desk Embellished with Woven Twine

This original design was created by our own Brittney Saull and can easily be constructed using common tools!  With  a few aluminum tubes, reclaimed plywood, woven twine, and bit of ingenuity you’ll have your own creation to put into use soon!

hand crafted industrial desk with aluminum tube legs


  • Surface: This desk-top is made from plywood that has been cut, glued and sanded.  If you don’t have time (or patience like Brittney does) to laminate wood you can easily substitute an old door or butcher block surface like ones found at IKEA.
  • Legs: Aluminum Tube- can be of any size, depending on the look you are going for.
  • Attaching Legs: Bolt through top of desk attaching the legs using flanges fitted to your Aluminum Tube size. Epoxy tubes into place.
  • Embellish: Do or do not.  Brittney chose to weave raw twine for an organic effect, playing off the light grains in the plywood. Other options could be fabric or rubber tubing, such as reclaimed bicycle tubes.
industrial desk aluminum tube legs

Hand-Crafted Industrial Desk Embellished with Woven Twine

How To: Thranduil’s Crown – Build Your Own

Many of the makers in our community design and fabricate fantastic jewelry, swords and armor. So, why not an Elven crown? With this project you’ve got your weekend entertainment all lined-up!

This tutorial from Make Magazine is easy to follow along to and makes use of common items, combined with a little ingenuity. You’ll be surprised at how these simple materials transform into a work of art!

If you need a few tools for your Elven crown project, or other jewelry making efforts we might have some items that are useful in our Metal Fabrication Tools section.

Here is a list of the most common tool box items for small craft projects available at

Whether you make the crown of Thranduil or your own unique jewelry creations, we would love to see photos of your projects! Send any photos to sales(at)onlinemetal(dot)com, along with a description of the materials used in your piece.

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*Aluminum Foil: Use in lithographic plates and transformer strip replacements
*Brass Foil: Thin sheet for embossing, crafting and stamping
*Copper Foil: Copper Foil: Great for stamping and small electronics
*Nickel Foil: Magnetic, great for etching and in heating elements
*Stainless Foil: Prevents corrosion in steel dies and punches

Titanium Tube









New! Titanium Tubes – Shop Now >> 

*Now available in more sizes!
*Corrosion resistant
*High strength – low weight

Wannabe Inventors: Making the Impossible Possible

MakerHaus, an organization in Seattle, WA dedicated to providing the resources, education and community for creative minds to make, invent, prototype and explore without boundaries, has teamed up with OnlineMetals to make learning metal working even easier.

Makerhouse Gallery, Seattle

Makerhouse Gallery, Seattle

Beginners and professional alike come to Makerhaus in the Fremont neighborhood to use the fully equipped shop, get inspiration from the design community, and to sign up for classes to learn skills such as Metal Working.

To make it simple to get going, OnlineMetals has partnered with Makerhaus to provide students with a materials kit and discounted student pricing. The Metal Shop bundle can even be picked up in person at the OnlineMetals Seattle Will Call location.

Makerhaus metal workshop

Makerhaus Workshop

What Do Students Learn in Intro to Metal Shop?

The class will explore methods and concepts of metalworking with a hands-on introduction. Students will learn the basics of metal fabrication, machining techniques, and welding in this 5-week introductory course. At the end of the class, each student will have had the opportunity to work with all of the equipment in the metal shop while creating an instructor-led project.


- Introduction to metal and its properties

- Safe use of equipment in the metal shop

- Appropriate metal working techniques while completing a project with instructor guidance

plastics design at makerhaus seattle

Equipment available ranges from 3-d Printers to Manual Milling Machines


Materials cost less than $30 and can be purchased directly from OnlineMetals.

-Shop for the full list of materials here, in a convenient bundle: Go to Makerhaus List >>

- When purchasing, enter the promotional code “Maker” in Step 3 of 5 to receive a 10% discount.

- Materials can be picked up directly at Online Metals Will Call in Seattle.


Course: Intro to Metal Shop | Metal Working

Cost: Member: $299.25; Non-Member: $399.00

When: Saturdays 9:30-12:30 pm | May 03, 2014 – Jun 07, 2014

Register Online: Visit Makerhaus web site now >>

The materials required for this class are:
Qty. 1 Alloy Steel 4130 ANNEALED Sheet 0.04″ Cut to: 4″ x 12″
Qty. 1 Aluminum 6061-T6511 Bare Extruded Round 2″ Cut to: 12″
Qty. 1 Mild Steel 1018 Cold Finish Rectangle 0.1875″ x 2″ Cut to: 24″


Events: Making Abroad?

Whether you have travel plans this month, or friends and family abroad who are looking for fun events, there are Maker Faires to attend worldwide!

Robotic Drone - Chris Anderson - CEO 3D Robotics

3D Robotics CEO, Chis Anderson, will be speaking in Shenzhen this weekend – The company is a pioneer in personal drones and UAV technology.


1. Maker Fair Shenzen

What: Exhibition, workshops, DIY demonstrations of robotics, machines and crafts.

When/Where: April 6-7, 2014 | Shekou, Shenzhen Nanhai / Shenzhen, China


2. Maker Faire UK

What: Makers ranging from tech enthusiasts to crafters and homesteaders, to scientists and garage tinkerers displaying how-tos and invention showcase.

When/Where: April 26-27 |  Newcastle UK

:: Need Some Maker Projects Parts? ::

Aluminum Perforated Sheet

Dimensions of Aluminum Perforated Sheet

Are you getting an exhibition project together and looking for parts for your own robots? Many of our customers use Aluminum Perforated Sheet for platforms and body construction. This lightweight material can be used with small motors and constructed with simple nuts and bolts. No welding skills required!

Available in sheets as small as 12″x12″ and as thin as .063″, the material is flexible for a variety of small scale projects.

Trend To Try: DIY Galvanized Planters

Galvanized metal patio plantersNow is the time when snow is melting, temperatures are rising, and the garden looks disastrous!

Soon enough your back yard is going to be filled with food, friends, family and picture after picture to remember each event! So, why not create a lively, attractive outdoor space with the simple addition of galvanized steel planters? By resurfacing existing containers, or building your own, you’ll get this designer look at a fraction of the cost!
modern outdoor galavanized planters

Give your garden some structure and modern style with do-it-yourself galvanized steel planters.  Galvanized steel sheet is affordable, durable, and comes in all shapes and sizes. This material is also a stock item in all of OnlineMetals 6 facilities nationwide. So, you could be building your new planters in just a few days!

Starting at less than three dollars for a 12″ x 12″ sheet, it is possible to create unique designs that would cost hundreds to purchase from a retailer.  Inspiration for fresh spring designs in galvanized steel can be found at stores ranging from Pottery Barn, to Restoration Hardware and Home Depot.

Galvanized steel raised bed

Galvanized steel can also be used directly on the ground for raised bed planters.

For simple instructions on creating a raised gardening bed from a variety of sheet metal materials, check out this story on

If you give this one a try, send us a photo of your project. We love to see what our community is up to!






Email  your own project photos to us: sales(at)onlinemetals(dot)com.

Galvanized Steel Rectangle Planter

Simple, clean and modern. This rectangle planter is an easy design to apply in any outdoor setting.



Are You In A One-Day Zone? Newest Location 100% Stocked!

Getting your materials faster is always better.  And, it’s especially great when the service is at no extra cost!

Now Shipping to Customers Worldwide from 6 Warehouse Locations across the U.S.

With the recent addition of our sixth location in Wallingford, Connecticut, customers in the Northeast are now getting orders in 1-day with low-cost ground shipping. And, many more are also in the zone for economical 2-day delivery of all our metals and plastics.

The Connecticut facility is celebrating its 6-month-iversary, and is now fully stocked with a wide range of materials for virtually any fabrication project need. Shop our full selection now >>

OnlineMetals staff Wallingford, Connecticut

A few of the guys from the Wallingford crew. Yes, they are glowing with delight over 1-day shipping too!

Although we’ve got the warehouse fully loaded with great stuff, we’re also interested in hearing from customers in this new service area about products you may be looking for. Let us know if there are materials that are unique to the needs of the Northeast, and we’ll do our best to make them conveniently available at Contact Us >> 

We would also love to have our Northeast community join us on Facebook and Pinterest!  Come on over now to Like and Follow our pages and keep up to date on news and events, and to let us know what kind of projects you are working on with your OnlineMetals materials.