Banjo mute

Posted: January 17, 2010 by   |   DIY Projects

Mike uses OnlineMetals brass bar and aluminum angle to create Banjo Mutes, in his basement shop. They have toured the world with musicians from more than 10 different countries. Too cool! Check out their website for more information!

Kite Buggy…

Posted: January 15, 2010 by   |   General

A great letter from one of our customers: Hello Online Metals, I wanted to send you a picture of our Ivanpah Full Race Kite Buggy. Most people don’t know what a kite buggy is so I will explain. A kite buggy is (normally) a 3 wheeled trike style buggy that a rider sits in and uses a large kite to … Read More.

Celebration in Blue

Posted: January 13, 2010 by   |   DIY Projects

Jeff discovered OLM about 3 months ago and has used our material for several sculptures. This is his latest piece. It stands about 14′tall. The .5″ dia rods were purchased at OLM. The entire piece was painted with a bronze paint, followed by a patina. The end section of earch arm was made from old computer discs and 12″ dia … Read More.

Helm Chair…

Posted: January 11, 2010 by   |   DIY Projects, General

Wendell has been using OnlineMetals products for years. Every time we visit his website, we recognize a piece of our material, and are pretty impressed with the cool thing he’s done with it! This week, he shared the new Helm Chair for his boat “Helge.” So cool! To see the full project, click here!

Better Mousetrap

Posted: January 08, 2010 by   |   DIY Projects, General

Another great letter from one of our OnlineMetals customers… To: OnlineMetals Staff Good morning, I thought some of the people at your company would get a kick out of knowing that your aluminum is getting a LOT of attention on the Internet this morning. I’ve been building a robotic “Better Mousetrap” as a hobby for more than a year, and … Read More.

What a great Christmas Present!!!

Posted: January 07, 2010 by   |   DIY Projects, Pro Tips

BikeRod&Kustom is a WebZine devoted to the needs and interests of Bicycle Creators and appreciators of Bicycle Design. They’ve been in business as long as Online Metals. has, and have bending and forging OLM materials into some pretty amazing creations for more than a decade! We’re always excited to share their projects with the Online Metals. Blog and Facebook community, … Read More.


Posted: January 05, 2010 by   |   General

Hey, we’ve got a bet going! Less than an hour to reach 200 FB fans! Jump online and become a fan now! (And if you’re reading this AFTER we’ve made it to 200, become a fan anyway!) OnlineMetals.comPromote Your Page Too No seriously, GO NOW!!!

Showing our math…

Posted: January 05, 2010 by   |   General

From time to time, we get a call from a customer who isn’t sure if their 5% discount has been applied. We don’t break each discount down individually, but there is a way to tell. Enter your discount in Step 3 of your check out. Then look for the red text under your order total in Step 4! Here’s an … Read More.

Already crossing things off the 2011 “To Do” list!

Posted: January 01, 2010 by   |   General

We’re proud to be the first to say: Just Kidding. Hope you’re all having a great weekend.