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Posted: March 26, 2009 by   |   DIY Projects, General

We’re becoming a pretty popular resource for Robotics Groups and hobbyists worldwide, and OnlineMetals couldn’t be more excited about that fact. No, really. We love the variety of applications our metals and plastics are used for.

Some things are machined into engine parts, used as supports, build into cars, and so on. But how often does that metal become an integral part of a super awesome AI robot.

Take the LEAF family of robots. I was excited about these things before I knew they were made with our materials!

After my visit to their website, I knew I had to get in touch with Alex, to see if he knew about us. He did, and had this to say in his reply:

“I think that Online Metals is a great place to get those specialty materials that are impossible to find locally; like the 2×1 inch rectangular thin wall aluminum tubing used for the sensor support structure on the top of my robot Rocky 2.”

He also invited OnlineMetals customers to visit his site, leafproject.org.

There you’ll find; pictures, videos, a project history, and instructions on how to start building your own leaf bot.
Oh, you’ll find a link to OnlineMetals there too…and we’re honored!

Happy Building!

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