Make your own Bar Stool Racer from DOM and A36 tubing!

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Bar stool racers are making their way onto the scene as the new hip way to get from your garage to your local ahh..destination. Making your own bar stool racer is not only way cool and fairly inexpensive, but it’s also a fun way to practice your welding skills.

With the exception of the actual barstool and engine you may have to “borrow” from your neighbor’s lawnmower, OnlineMetals offers many of the materials you need to build the framework of this vehicle. Taking some 1” or larger A36 square tubing, some DOM or 4130 round tube and a little bit of welding magic you can have the base of this dream cruiser in no time. Build on to that with some aluminum diamond plate and some personal flair and you’ll be rolling down the road in your own bar stool cruiser in no time.

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