Money in the BANK!

Posted: September 10, 2008 by   |   DIY Projects

Dear OnlineMetals,

I needed a barrel vise to remove the barrel from a rifle. I checked with a popular gunsmiths supply and found what I needed for $ 250.00. I bought 12 inches of 1.5″ X 3″ 1018 steel from OnlineMetals for $31.50.
The gunsmith supply sells the aluminum bushings for 30 dollars each. I bought 12 inches of 1.75″ aluminum extruded round bar from OnlineMetals for $ 15.41. I cut this into four 3 inch peices to make four bushings.
The machine work I did myself.

-Preston, Lewisville, AR


Thanks so much for your e-mail and your project. We’re really proud to have this example of OnlineMetals customers thinking outside the box, and building something for significantly less than you could buy it for.

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