My daddy’s a genius…

Posted: March 10, 2009 by   |   DIY Projects

A girl wrote in to share a project that her dad Scott had been working on that day. He spent an hour or two working in the garage, and when he was done, the rug shampooer attachment that they were going to throw away could be used again!

Here’s the attachment before. (See the busted brush?)

The metal next to it, is a 12″ piece of our 6063 Aluminum Channel. 1×1.5.
It costs $1.95

A few miter cuts, a new hole in one side of the angle, zip ties, and a few attachment screws later…it’s FIXED!

This picture shows the hole Scott cut into one side of the aluminum angle. Cleaning fluid sprays through that hole, and on to the carpet during the shampoo process.

I found a replacement for that attachment online. It retails for $20. $18 savings. Great job Scott.

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