Ordering Custom Cuts…

Just a quick reminder that OnlineMetals offers a custom cut option on 99.9% of the materials we sell.

If you need 1.1875 inches of Aluminum Association Channel, we can cut it.

If you need a 4×17.525 sheet of Tread Plate….it’s a snap.

Just pick your product…scroll down…and tell us what length to cut to you.

Is another way that we ask how high, went you ask us to jump!

What’s the difference?

OnlineMetals carrys a pretty wide variety of materials, and some times it’s hard to tell exactly what you want.

We know that pictures can really help, so we’ve added group shots, with labels identifying which item is which.

There are pictures to show the difference between welded and seamless tube.

The different alloys aluminum sheet comes in.

…and that aluminum pipe or tube comes in.

The difference in shape, between American Standard, and Aluminum Association.

Which is a question you’ll have to answer whether buying Channel, I-Beam, or Angle.

We hope it’ll make your shopping experience better!