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From Acetal Round to Ultem, we have plastics in sheets, tubes, rounds and more. Great options for machining, marine and food grade too!

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aluminum-discountAlways popular Aluminum! With light weight and high strength it’s a smart choice for any project from home decor to aerospace.

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1045 Cold Roll Round Bar*1045 Cold Roll Round Bar | Shop Now >>

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*2024 T3 Tube

*6061 T6 Tube

*6063 T52 Tube


Controlling Corrosion!

Controlled corrosion can actually be considered an industrial asset – as well as an artistic one. But managing it can be a trick! (Just ask NASA about the titanium oxidizer tanks on the Apollo lunar module.)

corrosion on metal

Rust textures from

Most likely if you’re worried about corrosion, you’re not going to the moon, but rather working in the marine industry. And, you’re probably looking for solutions to manage your materials and extend the life of parts.

Just in time to help you with this task, OnlineMetals has added new marine grade materials to our product selection with 5083-H111 aluminum round rod, now available for immediate shipping.

Aluminum Round Rod

This alloy is used for high strength welded applications, with excellent marine environment corrosion resistance. It has a superior “skin finish” that was developed to prevent skin lamination, providing even better resistance to inter-granular corrosion than alloy 5083-H321.

We’re currently stocking 5083-H111 Aluminium Round Rod in sizes ranging from .25″ to 2″ and can cut to custom length, with more sizes to be added to the inventory soon.

If you really want to research the benefits of corrosion you can check out this research by  Dr . Edwin L. Owen, assistant professor of metallurgy at the Pennsylvania State University.

New Aero-s-p-a-c-e Materials

Looking for something that is lightweight, keeps out the rain and is wind resistant?  Well, if you’re looking for a shoe, we can’t help.  But if you’re an aerospace engineer, listen up!










We’ve just added 7075-T6 Clad Aluminum Sheet to complement our other aluminum aerospace sheet offerings!

How’s it made? In the 7075 aluminum cladding process, a thin layer of pure aluminum is applied to the sheet. Pure aluminum offers premium corrosion resistance compared to aluminum alloys, while leveraging the strength of the sheet.

Sheet sizes available range from .032″ to .125″. Pieces can be as small as 12″ x 12″ or up to 36″ x 48″. This product is also available for custom cuts!

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How To: DIY Industrial Desk

An inexpensive way to craft your own masterpiece! With the basic construction pieces, this desk can be embellished to fit any decor.

DIY industrial desk project with aluminum legs

Hand-Crafted Industrial Desk Embellished with Woven Twine

This original design was created by our own Brittney Saull and can easily be constructed using common tools!  With  a few aluminum tubes, reclaimed plywood, woven twine, and bit of ingenuity you’ll have your own creation to put into use soon!

hand crafted industrial desk with aluminum tube legs


  • Surface: This desk-top is made from plywood that has been cut, glued and sanded.  If you don’t have time (or patience like Brittney does) to laminate wood you can easily substitute an old door or butcher block surface like ones found at IKEA.
  • Legs: Aluminum Tube- can be of any size, depending on the look you are going for.
  • Attaching Legs: Bolt through top of desk attaching the legs using flanges fitted to your Aluminum Tube size. Epoxy tubes into place.
  • Embellish: Do or do not.  Brittney chose to weave raw twine for an organic effect, playing off the light grains in the plywood. Other options could be fabric or rubber tubing, such as reclaimed bicycle tubes.
industrial desk aluminum tube legs

Hand-Crafted Industrial Desk Embellished with Woven Twine

Local Seattle High School Robotics Team Now Champions

The Viking Robotics Team 2928 (Ballard High School, Seattle, WA) came home with the championship award, medals and a banner from the Mount Vernon District competition last week.

Viking Robotics Team Championship Robot

Viking Robotics Team Championship Robot

As a sponsor of the team and local boosters, OnlineMetals couldn’t be more proud of the hard work these kids put into their project.

The team’s robot, the mighty Odin, showed itself to be strong with a drive train perfected over several build seasons, with the addition of pneumatic gearboxes which allowed the driver to shift up or down depending on power needs, either for speed or defense.

Viking Robotics Team working on Unit with OnlineMetals materialsThe young designers ironed out bugs in the system and consistently shot the ball into the high goal (the competition’s core challenge) in the autonomous phase of the game. And with a very well designed pick up system – which was extensively prototyped – they could quickly pick up a ball from the field and race to the goals to score either in the high goal or the low goal, or pass it over the truss to one of our alliance partners.

To see the robot in action, follow this link to the competition video>>

Great job to all the students who worked diligently on this project. OnlineMetals is proud to support your success!

Team’s Total Awards

  • District Champions
  • Industrial Engineering Award
  • Safety Award
  • A student, Paul Earhart, Junior, going on to Portland Regionals for the Dean’s List Award
  • A mentor, James Craig, going on to Portland Regionals for the Woodie Flowers Award


MIC-6 cast plate

New product! Cast Aluminum Plate!

Sizes and prices found here:

Metal geekery found below:
As the name would imply, this material is cast (unlike the rest of our plate items, which are rolled). The problem with rolled plate is that as you machine it, you release the internal stresses that build up as a part of the rolling process, and you get parts that aren’t flat, or which you have to do additional machining in order to get them back to flat.

Cast plate doesn’t react this way. It starts flat, and now matter how much you machine, it stays that way. Typical uses are for jigs. One specific application was on the old dot matrix printers, where the internal housing would be made of cast plate because of its stability.