I’ve lied to you, my customers!!!

OK, so I didn’t know I was doing it, but still!!!

It’s my job as the Marketing Director to give you accurate pictures of each and every product, and when it comes to Polycarbonate Plate, I FAILED YOU!!! I had the clear poly sheet photo listed on the Machinable Polycarbonate Page!
WHAT was I thinking!?!
That’s almost a fireable offense!
Tuesday’s food fight was OK…but this is just unacceptable. Anyway,

WRONG: Clear Poly (…and my thumb.)

RIGHT: Machinable Plate (no thumb.)
This is the Machinable Polycarbonate

Yeah, it’s fixed now, but I feel that I still owe you an apology. It will NEVER EVER EVER happen again.
…I think.
…not sure.
…but I’ll do my bestest.

In the mean time, buy some stuff, and have a great weekend!!!

Happy Friday,
Marketing Director!

Meet Amber…


Low Tide in Seattle


Director of Marketing

 “He who laughs last didn’t get it.”


A bit about Amber…

Favorite product that Online Metals sells:  Brass Pipe

How many pairs of shoes do you own? 50 + In their original boxes, with Polaroid pictures on the front.

Can you drive a stick shift? Absolutely! People who can’t, scare me.

What’s your favorite lunch meat? At a sandwich shop: Roast Beef. At home: Turkey.

If you were another person, would you be friends with you? Totally…I’m hot!

Favorite smell: Mountain air in the High Sierras.

Favorite color: Pink. I love jewel tones too though, all together, rainbow style.

What’s your sign? “Yes They’re Real!”

Worst song ever made, ever: Mambo #5. How bout’ “a little bit of” shut up!

Ever been arrested? What for?   Almost. I smuggled myself onto a military base to retrieve my parent’s car, which my brother abandoned when he was deported…I mean deployed. Our guide bailed, and so we went to the cops for suggestions on what to do because we couldn’t get the motor started. They yelled at us, threatened to arrest us, and escorted us off the base. One police vehicle in front of our car, one behind.

Favorite Motivational quote:  “  The greatest pleasure in life is doing what others tell you you can’t!”