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MakerHaus, an organization in Seattle, WA dedicated to providing the resources, education and community for creative minds to make, invent, prototype and explore without boundaries, has teamed up with OnlineMetals to make learning metal working even easier.

Makerhouse Gallery, Seattle

Makerhouse Gallery, Seattle

Beginners and professional alike come to Makerhaus in the Fremont neighborhood to use the fully equipped shop, get inspiration from the design community, and to sign up for classes to learn skills such as Metal Working.

To make it simple to get going, OnlineMetals has partnered with Makerhaus to provide students with a materials kit and discounted student pricing. The Metal Shop bundle can even be picked up in person at the OnlineMetals Seattle Will Call location.

Makerhaus metal workshop

Makerhaus Workshop

What Do Students Learn in Intro to Metal Shop?

The class will explore methods and concepts of metalworking with a hands-on introduction. Students will learn the basics of metal fabrication, machining techniques, and welding in this 5-week introductory course. At the end of the class, each student will have had the opportunity to work with all of the equipment in the metal shop while creating an instructor-led project.


- Introduction to metal and its properties

- Safe use of equipment in the metal shop

- Appropriate metal working techniques while completing a project with instructor guidance

plastics design at makerhaus seattle

Equipment available ranges from 3-d Printers to Manual Milling Machines


Materials cost less than $30 and can be purchased directly from OnlineMetals.

-Shop for the full list of materials here, in a convenient bundle: Go to Makerhaus List >>

- When purchasing, enter the promotional code “Maker” in Step 3 of 5 to receive a 10% discount.

- Materials can be picked up directly at Online Metals Will Call in Seattle.


Course: Intro to Metal Shop | Metal Working

Cost: Member: $299.25; Non-Member: $399.00

When: Saturdays 9:30-12:30 pm | May 03, 2014 – Jun 07, 2014

Register Online: Visit Makerhaus web site now >>

The materials required for this class are:
Qty. 1 Alloy Steel 4130 ANNEALED Sheet 0.04″ Cut to: 4″ x 12″
Qty. 1 Aluminum 6061-T6511 Bare Extruded Round 2″ Cut to: 12″
Qty. 1 Mild Steel 1018 Cold Finish Rectangle 0.1875″ x 2″ Cut to: 24″


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