We do it, because we live it!

Ok, so I’m Amber, the Marketing Director. You may feel like you know me because I post all the time.

Well, I’m not sure if you know just how cheap I am. I’m a bargain shopper, A customer service NUT, and I notice when price does or doesn’t = value.

So, I have 2 floor lamps. Paid almost nothing for them. They’re great. The glass bowl thingie broke on one of them, and so I ventured out to find a replacement.

What I learned…is that it’s almost always less expensive to buy a new lamp than it is to buy the part to fix your existing lamp! WTF!!! (F in this case means Fluff. No profanity…)

Anyway, how can that be? How can the few few stores that even carry an “IES Reflector Bowl” justify an upwards of $200 for the darn thing? Yes, there are different price points for a variety of styles and colors…but come on…it’s GLASS! And the one I saw was PINK FROSTED GLASS! I love pink…but that thing was fugly, and definitely not worth a C note or two!

How is this rant relevant to OLM? Well…as I mentioned, I’m cheap, and I appreciate customer service.
OLM is a place that caters to that personality. (As well as my love of jeans and 4 legged coworkers)

OnlineMetals believes in taking care of the customer…and offering single pieces, custom cuts, and a number of other ways for people to save money on exactly what they want and no more.

We want to find good service and great value out in the world, so we make darn sure to offer it here!

We also take great pride in geniuses customers like these who take our small quantity metals and plastics…and use them to fix what they’ve got. Instead of just buying something newer.

Consider this an official OLM solute to you guys!

Carpet Shampooer Attachment Repair

The Home Made Barrel Vise

Tool Inserts

A CUSTOM Backhoe attachment!

…and more.