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Weathering Steel Sheet is now in in stock and ready to be cut-to-size for your project!stainless-steel-tread

Cover Your Assets this Winter | Stainless Steel Sheet Tread!

Tougher than your aunt’s holiday turkey and twice as pretty! Protect your high traffic surfaces from winter rain and reindeer hoofs too!

For ideas on how to use stainless steel sheet tread plate in a project, check-out this DIY project for auto-enthusiasts >>

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Stainless Steel Hex | Versatility and Strength!

The most commonly used stainless in the world – this hex bar is annealed, weldable, machinable and guaranteed to be free of any holiday jinx (it’s not that kind of hex..)!

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DIY – Ideas for the Man of Steel

One look at Stainless Tread Plate and you know you’ve got a winning project idea for the  dad who likes his stuff tough, yet shiny! From small pieces to entire sheets, the surfaces that can be improved by slapping on a coating of Tread Plate are nearly endless. It’s quite possibly the bacon equivalent of metal!


Direct from our Metal Shop Pros, here are 6 ideas for your next project using Stainless Tread Plate. (Hint – you still have time to make a great gift for Father’s Day!)


1. Chillest Cooler: Just in time for tailgating at the lake! Dress-up dad’s favorite ice chest with a layer of Stainless Tread Plate and chill-tough this summer!




stainless-tread-plate-toolbox2. Strong Box: Create a box from scratch or update dad’s existing tool storage with a new look and weather-proof finish.



stainless-tread-plate-bed liner3. Last Bed Liner: Installing this just right will take a little bit of skill, but if you’re up to it, you’ll never have to replace your liner again!




stainless-tread-plate-mudflap4. Rear View: Two small pieces and you’re good to go with new everlasting mud flaps, ensuring you look as good leaving as arriving!



stainless-tread-plate-trailer5. Haul It: By constructing a trailer of thick gauge Stainless Tread Plate and wood supports, you can easily construct a sturdy and attractive hauling contraption.



stainless-treadplate-man cave6. Supreme Man Cave: Any surface in the shop can now double as an entertainment prop by night, while working hard during the day.

Feeling Inspired? Stainless Tread Plate 304 starts at $ $39.53, and all orders over $100 get automatic 10% discount.


Ordering Custom Cuts…

Just a quick reminder that OnlineMetals offers a custom cut option on 99.9% of the materials we sell.

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If you need a 4×17.525 sheet of Tread Plate….it’s a snap.

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